A New Year

It’s a new year and a time for new beginnings as the cliche goes. I know friends who not only make some wild resolutions but actually stick to them! One friend is giving up seafood and his wife is having dessert only once a week. As for me, I don’t think I have the grit for that. To each their own.

Since my discipline isn’t as good as some folks, I tend to not pick fixed goals. However I do like the idea of starting off the year with a strong sense of resolve. Taking care of my health has been something I’ve been working on in the past three years. Now that I’m cooking more I’ve decided to make an active effort to eat more vegetarian and more organic.

To clarify, I don’t plan on giving up meat entirely — I love bacon, steak and seafood way too much for that. But I’m always on my soapbox about our carbon footprint and sustainable practices to the point where eating so much meat just feels hypocritical. Also the merits of eating more vegetables and fruits — the prospect of having more energy, better digestion and shedding unwanted weight — really justifies the effort.

I acknowledge that vegetarian cooking feels more challenging. After all red meat practically comes with its own flavor packet! All one has to do is add salt and high flame. But I’ve convinced Tamon to eat vegetarian this week and we’ve produced some really tasty meals so far. I’m feeling hopeful. I made a vegetarian shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash and lentils and mushrooms. I also baked my own bread (with a super-easy Jezebel recipe and four ingredients: water, salt, yeast and flour) and some homemade hummus.



Another effort for the wedding year is to shed the uncomfortable weight I’ve gained over the previous school semester. The weight isn’t substantial since it resulted from the fact that I gained back a lot of the weight I had before I started exercising regularly. Now I don’t want to give the false impression that I’m losing weight because I want to look “perfect” for the wedding. I put perfect in quotations because it’s a loaded world when we use it to describe human bodies BECAUSE despite the fact that our bodies come in all sorts of shapes, some folks, men and women, expect perfection to the point where the only curve women are allowed to have are in their breasts.

Now it’s perfectly okay to want to look nice on your wedding day. It’s a treat for yourself since looking nice on the outside tends to make us feel better about ourselves. But even in my most cleaned-up state, I still want to look like myself. Losing some of that muffin top might allow me to fit more comfortably in my wedding dress (why are wedding styles all so constricting?). And hey, if looking nice is equated to good health, I’m on board with that especially if I get to go back in silk again!

In January I’ll be doing silk and working on my upper body and core. I hope to continue by doing more push-ups and crunches. I’m also trying to convince Tamon to go running with me again (I can see now why people are addicted to running! It feels so good once you push through the pain). Tamon and I will be relearning waltz for the wedding. The waltz is surprising great for your legs because of the wide steps you take! I’m also seeing if I can get Tamon to do salsa with me while we’re dabbling with ballroom again. We’ll see where the year takes us. 😉


Finding my happy place in silk.