OMG! We’re Merried!

Photos courtesy of Selina Zhong

Tamon and I got married almost two weeks ago. Even though we’ve lived together for more than a year now, I feel a change — a good one. I still use my maiden name by accident — on our thank-you cards — and Tamon and I slip and call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. But I’m very happy. 🙂

I’m sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve honestly been so traumatized by the wedding (not by the marriage though!!!) that I couldn’t post anything until now. Don’t get me wrong — the wedding was a resounding success. The food and decorations came out amazing and the guests had fun. Everything looked beautiful. Some minor technical issues happened but nothing that we couldn’t laugh about a few minutes after.

However, several  serious mishaps happened behind the scenes that, luckily for most people, only my sister, brother and I had to deal with them. I think on a normal day it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But it was really frustrating on my wedding day because I wasn’t able to do anything when crap hit the fan.

Some of my recently married friends had warned me ahead of time that things go wrong on the wedding day. Yet even that didn’t prepare me for the crap storm. Like my mom telling me 15 minutes before I had to leave for the ceremony (as I was getting into my wedding dress) that she’d misplaced the thousands of dollars that I needed to pay the banquet hall. Or when I realized we had left behind my Chinese wedding qipao. Or like when my mom lost the key to my bridal dressing room. Or like when we couldn’t find my brother Eric for twenty minutes for the groomsmen photo because my aunt fell and scraped her knee and he and my cousin had to take her home.

In retrospect, I would have simplified things (one dress change and no candles and rose petals! Nothing that can be blown away by rogue summer breezes). But I don’t want to dwell on the past. Most importantly, the highlights of the wedding were when I was with the star Tamon. Or when I was with my best friends (none of us slept the night before. They were just as excited about “getting merried.”) Or my sister who proved to be an amazing maid of honor. I even enjoyed hanging out with my dad despite the fact that he was jittery and miserable on the day he had to let go of his little girl (I felt so guilty when I danced with him in our father-daughter dance. He was depressed). But Tamon was perfect as usual. I started hyperventilating (the tightly corseted dress did not help) before walking down the aisle (great timing for a panic attack). But as soon as I saw him, I felt better.

Now that I can relax and reflect, I can look upon my wedding day with pride and even a little fondness despite all the anxiety and shenanigans.



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