To-Do List

After speaking to some of my friends, I realize I must sound like a brat! After all, I keep complaining about how busy I am. I think it would be terribly helpful if I broke it down for you folks why I feel so busy. True, I’ve taken care of the big things, such as booking the venues and vendors and sending out the invitations. But it’s really kind of crazy how many little things crop up in the last three months. I’ve put together a list so you guys can see what I’m actually freaking out about (in no particular order of importance). Granted there are a lot of items on here that are specific to a DIY wedding, so keep that in mind!

Kat’s April-June To-Do List
Finish and print menus and programs
Design and print card signs and tags for check-in, beer, dessert table, centerpieces, ceremony refreshments
Design and paint ceremony signage for welcome and restrooms
Create photo backdrop
Groom rentals and accessories
Check passport for honeymoon
Create seating chart
Drop off and pick up dress alterations
Meet with officiant (discuss readings?)
Write vows
Schedule last hair and makeup trials
Set up toner appointment for hair
Finish centerpiece vases
Order floral sample then centerpieces and corsages
Assemble and paint chuppah and pergola
Sew canopy for chuppah and pergola
Put together photo slideshow for reception
Rent tripod for engagement photo
Pick up rings
Practice first dance
Apply for marriage license
Finish up activity books
Buy liquor
Go to bridal shower and bachelorette
Create invitations for ceremony and rehearsal dinner
Put together wedding day schedule
Go to rehearsal dinner

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