Books! Books! We Made Books!


Last year I came across the idea for reception activity books on a wedding blog. At the time I had hoped the books would replace the need for floral centerpieces but alas, I don’t think so (they’re just not big enough). I found a really lovely cream paper that I decided to use for the covers and we actually put the table numbers on the books so they serve that secondary purpose. I used this easy-peasy accordion book tutorial I followed the instructions mostly but instead of book boards I improvised and used chipboards and in lieu of cloth I used the cream paper. I used plain white card stock for the pages.

First I measured everything really carefully (don’t forget to make your boards at least 1/4 inch longer and wider than your pages). We made 15 books so I had to cut out 30 covers, 30 boards and print out 75 pages which I then folded in half. Using a technique I learned from a graphic design student at work, I scored the pages before folding them to get a crisp edge. To score, I used the back of an X-acto knife and a steel ruler. For the picture I misplaced the X-acto knife so I used a box cutter. It’s bulkier to hold but it also did the job.



I had prepared four questions, a title page and inside and back cover for each book. I printed out five pages and folded them in half. Then I had Tamon help me glue them back to back to form an accordion. Image

Tamon got crafty.


We made books! So many books.



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