DIY Catch-up

Whew! So now that the semester is over I can finally get back to wedding projects. Today is the first day of my winter holiday…and I’ve already made the house a mess again (I cleaned it up earlier for my Christmas potluck and gift exchange).

This year I ordered practically all of my Christmas gifts online. Hence, I have tons of boxes!  So the first project involved getting rid of my cardboard village. I had some leftover toilet paper rolls from my DIY bouquets too so I used those up as well.

So earlier this year, Tamon’s mom and Taryn found a Hello Kitty and Daniel dressed up as a bride and groom while spring cleaning. I looked up the toy’s background and found out in 2000 McDonalds gave away “Sweetheart Couple” toys as part of a millennial promotion. There were even other couples dressed in wedding attire from other countries. I found Korean, Japanese and Chinese Hello Kitty and Daniel bride and groom toys on eBay. Ah, I was so tempted to get the Chinese wedding couple. Look so cute!

Image Source 

But I resisted.

Back to the point. I promised Taryn I would somehow incorporate Merried Hello Kitty and Daniel into our wedding. On Pinterest I saw that some people put bride and groom signs on their reception chairs. I came up with an idea to put Hello Kitty and Daniel in our banquet chairs. Since I didn’t want to tie them on (that would look weird like stuffed animals tied to the front of a semi-truck) I thought of creating cute booster chairs. It’ll be cute without clashing with the rest of the reception decor.

I documented the various stages of the project so you guys can see how I made the chairs. I already had most of the materials: cardboard, toilet paper rolls, staple gun, hot glue gun and foam. I also had some cream crushed panne velvet in my stash (purchased during the heyday of velour suits).



I also finally finished bedazzling my wedding headband. I also attached three little black clips (the kind you use to sew to hair extensions). I’m missing a couple of crystals but at this point I’m a little tired of dropping and picking up tiny crystals with my eyebrow tweezer (I need real jewelry-making tools).


I forgot to post then but I actually finished my bouquet a few days ago while writing my critical theory paper. It was a good and much needed break. I had to buy some more roses because I wanted to make as round of a shape as possible. I bought a small FloraCraft Gala bouquet holder on Amazon. I used about 8 red roses, 3 irises, 8 white roses (not counting the 5 buds that came with some of the rose bunches) and 5 or so little cut-up bunches of ivy. I cut the flowers (they were all artificial) to about 2.5 inches long, cleaned up the stems e.g., the fake sepals and thorns, and started placing the flowers in from the top. I had watched a YouTube video that suggested arranging the flowers from the most bottom row. But I found starting with the top center of the bouquet achieved a more aesthetically pleasing result. 

FYI for those of you brave souls who want to try something like this — I had to try out a couple of arrangements. I did about four trials, destroyed a previously purchased bouquet holder and even had to take out all the flowers on the final one and redo it one last time. This is why florists get paid the big bucks!

Here are some pics! I still have to add ribbons. I’m thinking gold and ivory ribbons and maybe some lace?

bouquet side view bouquet


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