Pre-reception Crostini Bar

One tremendous benefit of my long commute is that I have a lot of time to reflect at the end of the work day (when I’m not dodging cars and cursing the traffic). I also get some of my best creative ideas during my commute — sometimes I even get some story writing done!

Yesterday I was ruminating on what kind of food to serve between the ceremony and reception dinner. Since we’re having a small ceremony in Tamon’s mom’s backyard, we’re only going to have around 30 guests. Thus, there isn’t a real need to have a lot of food — just enough to whet their appetites before the six-course Chinese banquet-style reception dinner at NBC Seafood ;-).

So I toyed with the usual cheese-cracker-wine combinations. I’m keeping it simple since there is the problem of storage, preparation and service. Obviously on the day of the wedding I can’t be worrying about complicated finger foods that require me to assemble and arrange upon serving. For that I would have to burden one of my friends and family members.

So I considered catering. I had attended one of Tamon’s friend’s birthday parties recently, and the girlfriend of the birthday boy brilliantly ordered sandwiches from Porto’s. I guess I could do that and order desserts as well — maybe pies, cookies or pastries.

But I figured guests shouldn’t be eating something so heavy as sandwiches and pies half an hour before dinner and wedding cake, right? Conundrum.

Then I remembered a great post by one of my favorite food blogs The Kitchn about crostini bars. Crostini are little pieces of toasted bread that you can pile high with lots of tasty toppings like cheese, nuts, marinated olives, pickles and onions and cured meats. There are sweet crostini as well: the article suggested jams, hazelnut butter and melted chocolate. I’m thinking fruit would work just as well.

Another great thing about a crostini bar, or the concept of a bar, is that the guest can customize his or her food accordingly. At work we did a ice cream bar and it was a huge hit for this exact reason!

I looked up some tips for creating a crostini bar and found these lovely set-ups. I love all the colors and textures!



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