Filipino Dessert Bar

Hmmm…so I’ve been talking to our wedding baker Kit about some flavors for the dessert bar.

She’s come up with some delectable ideas (and kept in mind our emerald and gold theme colors).

She suggested that we set out jars with candies in them: green striped barquillos and green putos — filipino rice cakes.



She also suggested leche flan and mocha cupcakes with coffee cream fillings. For the wedding cake, she’ll be designing two tiers: the top one for Tamon and I carrot and the bottom one for the guests ube — carrot even though it’s not filipino because that’s Tamon’s favorite cake flavor! Sigh, anything for my love. I’m considering the icing in this style because it’s much cheaper and more delicious than fondant. And oh so pretty!

rosette icing

Oh, if anyone has any large candy jars please let me know! I think we want to put the barquillos and putos in them and tie them with ribbon.


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