Our Flowers: Roses and Irises

Tamon and I don’t really have a song. But at least we have our flowers. Pretty early on in the relationship, Tamon began giving me bouquets of roses and irises for our anniversaries. Red roses — yeah, because they’re traditional and romantic — and irises because they are blue (my favorite color) and they’re so gorgeous.

Here’s a bouquet Tamon gave me during the first two years of our relationship.


Earlier I mentioned how I didn’t want fresh flowers for my wedding. I love fresh flowers. But I’ve always felt a little guilty about them. It seems so sad to cut them off at their peak. I love the bouquets Tamon gives me and I always try to keep them alive for at least a week. A wedding full of fresh flowers just seems like a massacre. (Sorry for my soap box.) Like I said in my earlier post I managed to find some really high-quality silk flowers online. So my bridesmaids have the option to keep their bouquets if they really want. To make the flowers I simply used some silk roses and irises, some leaves from the hydrangeas I had to discard and ivy. I used floral wire to secure the stems and floral tape to bind them. I also recruited all my bridesmaids to collect toilet paper rolls (to create a more even handle). Mithi takes the prize by collecting 12 toilet and paper towel rolls! I have awesome bridesmaids. I wrapped the rolls in green canvas and decorated the handle with lace. Below is the step-by-step process (I took this picture to show Grace, Mithi and Tamara that I actually used the rolls and show them I’m not crazy).


Here is the finished product! I also made the boutonnieres from a smaller rose, ivy and green floral tape. I’ll add baby’s breath before the wedding. The roses are called real-touch roses and they feel eerily life-like.

photo (9)


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