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Move-in date: March 1, 2013

The photo shows Tamon and I on the day of the move. We’re incredibly sweaty and tired but still smiling. Our friends hovered in the background as Selina snapped this quick pic on her iPhone.

Tamon and I had decided to take the big step a few months ago right before we celebrated our second-year anniversary.

For the move, we’d borrowed Selina’s van and transported our cumulative life possessions from our family homes in several trips. Tamon asked his childhood friends Eddie and Paul help — and boy, did I put them to work! I stood by as they crammed tables, chairs and cabinets into Selina’s van and Paul’s SUV. I filled my trusty little Corolla to the brim.

It was a hot, sticky and backbreaking day. It was my first big move since college, and my most ambitious. (My college possessions comprised of clothes, books, an IKEA bed and Kmart plastic drawers.)

Several important lessons were learned on that day. First lesson: It really is nice to have someone move stuff for you. Next time I will definitely consider inviting more friends or renting a U-Haul van and professional movers. Second lesson: Don’t go to IKEA on the same day of your move, or for that matter, on any weekend.

I swear the IKEA idea made sense beforehand. I mean, we had a van and muscle — why not get it all done on the same day? The IKEA adventure started out promising — Selina wanted Swedish meatballs and to do a staged family photo shoot. Since Tamon was picking up stuff at his family home, Paul had to stand in for him. (Eddie was the baby? I can’t recall now.) There’s something about the IKEA mob scene that gets under your skin. We came out beleaguered and cranky — and with a beautiful new Kivik couch in gray-brown.

Of course, the first thing Tamon unpacked was his records. He spent two hours lovingly placing them in alphabetical order while I unpacked clothes, DVDs, appliances and dishes. This was now home.


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