Diecut Machines FTW

I mentioned earlier that Grace has a Cricut machine, right? Well she also has a Sizzix. I think if I had known about these tool earlier my brain would have exploded from all the DIY ideas. So in a way it was a blessing I didn’t find out until later this summer.

Fortunately now I’m knee-deep in school work and I don’t have time to think about all the cute flowers, borders and embossing I can do. (Sigh.) One cool thing I did get around to was using up the odd scraps of wrapping paper I’ve kept since the third grade. I tore up a really dog-eared Webster pocket dictionary and a trashy romance novel and cut flowers out of them. I attached the flowers to branches I’ve been collecting basically ever since Tamon proposed to me.

flower branch

And I made these really cute bridesmaid and parents-of-the-bride responsibility cards. I actually took some diecuts of an orchid and painted them to look like wedding dresses (I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer). And I attached sheets of vellum printed with the responsibilities with cute little gold star studs.

I can’t guarantee Tamon’s going to make them so nice for his groomsmen. 😉



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