Gazebo Ceremony and Rosettes

Early on in the wedding planning process Tamon and I looked for places to have a small Christian ceremony. We considered small churches and parks because we wanted something natural or spiritual rather than grandiose. One of our good friends Dany had an intimate wedding in a Pasadena park that inspired us. Unfortunately the park didn’t take reservations. If we decided to do something like that we wouldn’t be able to set up by ourselves beforehand. We would have to rely on a family member or a good friend to reserve the spot earlier in the day and that just seemed like too much to ask. Also I’m just not someone who is as comfortable with something so impromptu.

Then it occurred to us that we could have the ceremony at our parents’ houses since both his mom and my parents’ have decent-sized yards. We asked Tamon’s mom first because she’d recently had the pool filled and a concrete patio laid down. The landscaping she had chosen was perfect as well — roses, lavender, bourgeovilla and these big frilly yellow desert flowers. And she’d put in a lovely gazebo with great billowy drapes. I had a vision of getting married under that. Fortunately his mom was very generous and said yes! I loved my parents’ backyard and wouldn’t have minded if we did it there as a second choice but we would have had to put in money for landscaping. Another wonderful bonus about Tamon’s mom’s backyard is the fact that she recently was married in it. Tamon gave her away, his sisters were the bridesmaids and her stepson Verne (who is doing my makeup) was a groomsmen. It was sweet ceremony and I think that it’s a good omen for our wedding to come. I may ask for the Pastor Gary (who married her) as well because he was perfect! Very dignified and kind.

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for paper rosettes. I thought it would be so lovely on the gazebo with the flower garlands I had posted about earlier. I sort of just started putting the pieces together without any certainty of the outcome. I took some leftover paper from the scrapbook I made for our first year anniversary. It was all mismatched but I folded and glued the pieces together. Then I painted the pieces gold, white and butter cream.


I mounted the pieces onto a piece of cardboard I had salvaged from one of my Amazon shipping boxes! (The one that my moss came in.) I purchased some doily diecuts at Joanns for the centers and created a heart from a silk ribbon rosettes painted red.


Tada! Actually I found out from Tamon later we can’t even get married under the gazebo because of the way it’s positioned in the yard. So I don’t even know where to put the backdrop anymore. But for now it lives on one of our bedroom walls. Originally I was going to put Tamon and my initials on the backdrop to but since we’re not even going to get married underneath it anymore I painted a gold fan shape.



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