Our Little Nest Egg

I hope no one finds this crass. At Asian weddings people traditionally give money. So is it terrible on my part to assume that I’m going to receive red envelopes? I think most Chinese kids say red envelopes are one of the bestest things about being Chinese. They look festive and it feels awesome just to have at them. Whenever I got to weddings for one of my Asian friends I always put cash in a red envelope.

I guess I’m doing a mash-up of the two cultures. I’m DIYing the card box in a Western style but accepting the Asian tradition. Also I just wanted to build a house box. I thought it would be much cuter than a fancy but generic bridal gift card box purchased from a retailer.

Also I wanted to do a box to reference the fact that Tamon and I want to buy a house. I figured if we did get cash that money would probably go toward the house. That’s why I also wrote “nest egg” on the side.

If anyone finds that terribly impolite and tacky, I apologize.

Anyway this was another instance of salvage and reuse. I actually took some shipping boxes and cut, glued and taped it into a house shape (I learned how to make boxes in a high school art class). Then I took some gray-blue suede leftover from the zebra pillow I made for GlamKat and created the shingles. Kathy glued on the white cotton. It got a little wrinkly so I added some ivy later. She also designed the adorable chapel windows. I made a little door from some blush linen, cardboard and a pearl wrapped in white sateen. Pretty nifty, huh?


You like?


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