Oh Em Gee, Dress Shopping!

Even though I didn’t have any idea for a wedding theme (classic? vintage? playful? elegant?) I figured the best thing to do was to start shopping. So I went with my bestie and bridemaid Katherine Chiu to American Rag and Jet Rag on La Brea Avenue. They’re very hip! Even saw Jeff Goldblum shopping there.

Even though I’m phasing out of vintage fashion I couldn’t help try on some of the dresses (they’re just so well-constructed and so affordable!)

vintage dress

The lace! The appliques! So beautiful. As elegant as this dress was I felt like I was shopping for my grandmother’s wedding.

another vintage dress

Would look perfect with a wreath. When I put on this dress I just want to run in a meadow.  I think my mom got married in a dress like this. So fun. But even thought she is beautiful I didn’t want to look exactly like my mom on my wedding day.

another vintage dress side view

Since the vintage dresses weren’t quite working out, I decided to check out the selection at The Wedding Suite in the Canoga Park Nordstroms. Supposedly the dresses there were affordable — we’ll see.

3 trial dress

Toyed with the idea of a short dress at first. This one made me look like I was going to my prom.

2 trial dress

Despite my hatred for strapless the price tag ($200) on this dress was too good to not try on. However after putting it on realized why I hated strapless in the first place. Meh, shoulder fat.

one trial dress alt view

I thought I wouldn’t want a poofy dress but this one was so dainty. I felt like a fairy princess. Unfortunately this dress is not very loyal — it made the next lady that tried it on look like a fairy princess too. So back on the hanger it went.

5 trial dress alt alt view

5 trial dress alt view

My sister and Kathy walked in on me in this dress. Minds blown. This dress was IT and it was a paltry $2,000. For a moment I thought, I am the princess bride.

Wedding stuff — it can get to you. You try on that amazing dress and you want it ALL. The dress is just the beginning of the evil wedding vortex.

Everything afterward was a bit anti-climatic. After I left Nordstroms, I showed Tamon and my friends the various dresses. And I thought long and hard. I looked at my budget (now in a beautiful, organized Excel spreadsheet in Google Docs).

Even though I loved this dress, I didn’t want to break the budget. I ended up buying another online. No regrets. 🙂


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