Engagement Photo Shoot

Initially Tamon and I didn’t plan on having an engagement shoot. But we were visiting friends in San Francisco during the summer and local photographer Huy Doan (check out his work at http://huydoan.com) offered his services. Tamon and I are not the most photogenic people and hardly take pictures. But it helped that Huy was a friend and had the weirdest, driest sense of humor. Consequently we had a good time even though it was freezing! The ocean breezes served as sloppy wind machines but it worked in some of the shots! Check out the photos on Flickr.

And I made my own veil. When I put it on passersby thought we were really married and congratulated us. It was an amusing preview of the day to come.

handmade veil for engagement shoot


One of my favorite shots by Huy.

It’s a little too early to book him but I hope Huy or someone with his idiosyncrasies shoots our wedding. He’s pretty fabulous in a leather vest and white pants.



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